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Top Dog Entertainment generated so much magic, energy and love for our wedding celebrations! The venue was truly beautiful but seeing the smiles on the guests faces enjoying the entertainment made it that much more special! I have never seen almost 300 people on a dance floor but these guys made it happen! They were so easy to work with from beginning to end. They cared about the details just as much as we did and made sure to make our magical night one we will never forget. I have used Top Dog Entertainment for other events in the past and knew that when I got married one day, Rob would be my DJ! I would highly recommend Top Dog Entertainment for any event! Truly a great team to work with!

From the moment I met Rob at our initial meeting, I knew he was THE dj for our wedding. He's not just a dj, he's an emcee, entertainer and motivator! He took our vision for our wedding day entertainment and amplified it. He connected with our guests from the beginning, had folks on the dance floor before dinner was served! His energy and passion for what he does is on full display during your wedding day. I cannot thank you enough for making our wedding so special and memorable for us and the many people who attended. Book him while you can!

We had a 270 person wedding with two different cultures that were ultimately brought into one room. Rob broke the ice and made everything come alive from the get go. He literally made everybody get out of their chairs and get on the dance floor. He played a variety of music that catered to every type age group including my wife's side of the family. I've never been at a wedding where everybody danced the whole night. I'm just glad it was ours. Rob made the day. Our wedding was the best. We couldn't have asked for more. Thanks Rob!!!

I wish there was an option to give Rob 10 Stars because that's what Rob put down on our wedding day!.. I swear people were holding hands singing KUMBAYA during our reception and these are people who don't even know each other! lol... I've never seen a dance floor get so full so fast in my life! Rob, you did an amazing job on our wedding day and we can't thank you enough!.. The NUMBER ONE thing we were complimented on was our DJ/MC... that tells you everything you need to know!

OH.. and P.S..the video you see up top.. that's OUR WEDDING BABYY!!! had a blast!!

One thing that my husband and I agreed on was that we wanted a memorable wedding with everyone DANCING and having a GREAT time! There was no question or doubt that Top Dog would be our only option. After attending other weddings and parties, we knew that we wanted the same energetic feel that they bring. Top Dog did not disappoint. Our DJ Rob DaRosa had everyone out of their seats! Every age group dancing with smiles on their faces just having a great time! People are still talking about our wedding in 2011! Rob was more than professional. He sat down with us and asked what we wanted and hoped for; not just types of songs we like or didn't like - he made sure that he understood what we wanted and made sure to deliver! He made our wedding experience an amazing one! By far the best time we have ever had!

Thank you Top Dog Entertainment!

Where do we begin.. from sitting down and planning out the wedding playlist to the last dance you were amazing ! Your DJ service is the best around hands down. You managed to get everyone out of their seats & on the dance floor all night. I can't thank you enough for making our wedding day so special.

Top Dog Entertainment really set our wedding apart from others. Guests kept asking where we found our DJ. Rob and his team really knew how to get people on the dance floor!


We knew we wanted the best and we found that with Top Dog Entertainment. One of the most important things for my husband and I was the music, and he sure delivered. His focus was keeping the evening fun and upbeat. His love for what he does enhanced our night tremendously. Phenomenal job!!!

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Everyone loved Rob and his team. They really know how to get all the guests dancing.

They made my wedding fun and exciting!

I totally recommend Top Dog Entertainment for any event!

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Top Dog Entertainment is the best! Very professional, makes your party an event to always cherish and remember!

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Best DJ in Massachusetts and surrounding states. Makes your party have an event to always remember!

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No other DJ can get everyone on the dance floor like Top Dog Enterainment.

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People are still asking about our DJ from our 2011 wedding!!

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If you want to have an unforgettable celebration TDE is the one for you!!

I think this picture says it all! I couldn't have picked a better D.J. Everyone said it was the BEST wedding they have been to in a long time and I owe it all to Topdog D.J. service! Not one person was sitting down the whole night! Thank you so much!

A wedding is such an amazing celebration, so it is only right to ensure you have the absolute, best for entertainment. We felt so lucky to have Rob during the entire process - from the first meeting, to the second, and for the third and final one which was our wedding day. You took the time to get to know us individually and as a couple and we know you were the perfect fit. Thank you for throwing such an amazing party - besides compliments on the wedding dress, you were the second most talked about part of the wedding!

September 1, 2013 was such a special and memorable day in our lives - we couldn't have asked for a better day and cannot thank you enough for this!

We used Top Dog for our wedding on Oct 30 2004. We couldn't have been more pleased with the outcome.
They catered to the crowd like a professional DJ should. They were excellent at breaking the ice and getting everyone
comfortable. With their positive attitude and professional work ethic Top Dog is the best at doing what they do.

Thank you for making our wedding day so much fun. You did everything you promised. Had everyone on their feet dancing and entertained us all night long. You really know what your doing. I think the DJ or band is one of the most important part of a good wedding. It was an amazing day . Your are the best Dj out there! I will be spreading the word. I can't thank you enough for such a great time.

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